New Series: Creating Media with Machine Learning

  • We maintain a growing suite of video understanding models that categorize characters, storylines, emotions, and cinematography. These timecode tags enable efficient discovery, freeing our creators from hours of categorizing footage so they can focus on creative decisions instead.
  • We arm our creators with rich insights derived from our personalization system, helping them better understand our members and gain knowledge to produce content that maximizes their joy.
  • We invest in novel algorithms for bringing hard-to-execute editorial techniques easily to creators’ fingertips, such as match cutting and automated rotoscoping/matting.
  • Computer vision: video understanding search and match cut tools
  • VFX and Computer graphics: matting/rotoscopy, volumetric capture to digitize actors/props/sets, animation, and relighting
  • Audio and Speech
  • Content: understanding, extraction, and knowledge graphs
  • Infrastructure and paradigms



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